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Download XDV App For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

XDV App For PC

DV App For PC: If you are looking for an application that can solve your video surveillance problems this article might help you. XDV app exactly does the job. With XDV App For PC installed on your PC, you can monitor real-time surveillance from anywhere remotely. This application uses its main DV chip which works on Zhuhai all-winner technology connected through DV hotspot. It is a monitoring and surveillance app that would solve all your problems easily.

XDV App For PC has over a million downloads with positive reviews from all around the world making it trustworthy. This application comes feature-packed and is easy-to-use which can be the application that you are exactly looking for. It is a free application that can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of technology. This is your one-stop-solution for surveillance and monitoring issues.

Features Offered by XDV App For PC

 X DV App For PC

This application comes with loads of features. A few are listed below :

1. Live Streaming

This application is a live video-streaming app that allows you to view the footage from the connected camera on a real-time basis. This feature allows you to observe the happenings around your target area without being physically present there.

2. Variety Camera options:

XDV app provides you with a variety of camera options. From ordinary camera to automatic which allows you to automatically click pictures for you. This application also enables you to take pictures in slow motion. You can also take screenshots from a live video! You can control the camera trajectory manually to take pictures, you can reach every corner you want to!

3. Video Recording Options:

Apart from clicking pictures this application also gives you video options! You can record anything on a loop. This feature enables you to view your footage on a loop or record it on a loop. It also has the time-lapse feature which records all the happenings of the day in the video that is a few minutes long! This can make some memories easily shareable.

4. Display Options:

XDV app also lets you adjust the display according to your convenience. You can manually adjust the exposure, white balance, and sharpen your display. This feature comes in handy when the surrounding display of the camera does not offer lights that are easily viewable due tonight or climate change. With this feature, you can enhance and always add to the quality of the footage.

5. Download Footage:

XDV FOR PC enables you to download the footage on your device which can be reviewed anytime anywhere. This will help you in case you need to review the footage at any time to investigate into anything or simply to live a moment again. This keeps all your data safe by saving it to the memory of your device automatically.

6. Share Your Videos:

XDV app allows you to share your videos to all the other social media accounts you want to. This makes it possible for you to share your happy moments with your family, friends, or followers and let them share your happiness. It will alternatively help you share a happening from the area to social media in case you need help.

7. Big Screen And Large Storage:

With XDV App For PC installed on your PC, you can obviously get larger storage and a better view than your android. With large storage you don’t have to worry about the memory and can keep recording as much data as you want, an SD card will help you if you need more memory. With a big screen, you can have a better view in comparison to what your little android might offer.

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How to Install XDV App on PC?

 Install X DV App on PC

XDV App For PC gives you the opportunity to enjoy all these features free of cost on your PC. You can easily install this app on your PC with the help of an emulator. The emulator is an application that helps you install the apps designed for android on your PC. It copies the interface into a PC-compatible one. Bluestack can be the best emulator for this purpose:

Emulators:Bluestacks, Nox player.
Operating Systems:Windows 7,8,10 or Mac.

Installation With Bluestack Emulator

Bluestack is one of the most widely used emulators. here are the steps to install the application with the help of Bluestacks:

Step 1: Open the official site of Bluestack and get the executable file, once you locate it download the application on your PC.

Step 2: Once downloaded launch the application on your PC which takes a few seconds to install.

Step 3: Open Bluestacks and set up your Google account and log in.

Step 4: Now search XDV App For PC in the search bar.

Step 5: The application will be displayed, click on the app, it will redirect you to the XDV APP for the PC application on the google play store.

Step 6: Click on the install option and give all the permission that you would be asked before the process of installation starts.

Step 7: The installation process starts as soon as it receives all the permissions.

Step 8: Once installed, you have to run the application on your PC as an administrator.

Click open the app and enjoy managing files more simply!


XDV App For PC installed on your PC will be the best solution to your monitoring problems. This application is very user-friendly and anyone with basic knowledge of technology will be able to operate it easily. This application comes with loads of features that can solve all your problems, Imagine sitting in your office and being able to watch and record the moments at your home. This application is best for small businesses, homes, etc. Here in this article, I have tried to provide an insight into the application and a step-by-step guide to install it on your PC. Hope you find this useful and install the app right away!

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