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Download TrueCaller For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

TrueCaller for PC

TrueCaller is a globally renowned number directory application, currently available for numerous Smartphone operating systems including Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, e.t.c. In this post, We are going describe step by step, How to Download and Install TrueCaller for PC.

In a sense, Truecaller is primarily a global phone number directory integrated with social networking and numerous intuitive features and functionality. It is a must-have utility application.

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Download TrueCaller for PC

TrueCaller for PC

Follow the instructions illustrated below, to Download and Install TrueCaller for PC.

  • Since Truecaller isn’t officially available for Windows or Mac, you need an emulator tool.
  • Bluestacks is the most prominent Android to PC emulator. It basically enables the user to download and install Android games on computer.
  • First Download the Bluestacks app player (You can get it from Bluestacks.com) and proceed with the installation wizard.
  • After installing, Run the application. Now click on the Search or SpyGlass icon located on the top.
  • Input ‘TrueCaller’ in the search form, as illustrated in the image above. Click on the find button.
  • All the apps related to the keyword would appear. Choose the relevant Truecaller app and click on it to install.
  • It automatically progresses with the installation procedure. Make sure you are connected to the internet during installation.

After installation, You can start running TrueCaller for PC without any hassle. (You only need to install once). If you face any trouble while accessing this method, you can alternatively try following the second method.

Method II

  • Primarily, download TrueCaller for PC APK file for Android. Since it is a free application, the APK file is available for free (Just Google it).
  • After downloading the APK file for Android, open it with Bluestacks app player.
  • TrueCaller for PC would automatically get installed by itself. Wait for it to complete and you can start running the app.
  • Note that, internet connection is not necessary while installation in this method.

TrueCaller for PC Review

TrueCaller is developed by True Software, A Scandinavian (Sweden based) IT firm. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Symbian S series, RIM and Windows handheld.

Caller ID

Truecaller for PC has a massive database of phone numbers associated with contact names. So, if you are receiving a phone call from an unknown number, Truecaller instantly searches for the number details, and provide the contact name if it is available.

Number Search

TrueCaller for PC can hunt for the contact or phone number of any user by using their First or Last name. To simplify the task, Truecaller for PC is integrated with your social media profile, so the results are more relevant based on your location, mutual friends.

Social Media Integration

Truecaller can seamlessly integrated with Facebook and Twitter social media accounts, and gather your profile information to provide a better user experience. As i have already described above, if you are searching for a specific user or person, it provides results based on relevancy and mutual friends.


In Conclusion, TrueCaller for PC is a must have application. If you have lost all your contacts, or if you wish to gather all your friends’ phone numbers, Truecaller is the smartest way to do it.

If you come across any issue or error while following my instructions, you may feel free to comment here or contact me privately through mail. Make sure to subscribe to our news feed .

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