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Download SnapBridge For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

SnapBridge For PC

Snapbridge For PC: SnapBridge is a remote control application that allows users to control exposure and other functions of their Nikon camera via their smartphone, or PC. Through the device, users can access their key camera functions. They don’t have to use their camera manually to get to those important camera settings.

The best thing about this software is that it can be easily installed on a PC as well, apart from a smartphone device. As a result, if you wish to use a computer to control your Nikon camera functions to capture and edit high-quality memorable images, then you must install Snapbridge for PC.

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How to install the SnapBridge application on a PC? 

SnapBridge application on a PC

Step 1: Install an emulator for PC. 

Okay, that’s it. Let’s start with a talk. In case you want to install the Snapbridge application, first visit the App Store, and then look for the Bluestacks app. 

Most online tutorials would suggest the Bluestacks application, and I can also suggest the same because if we trap in any issue when using Bluestacks emulator on a PC, we can easily reach a solution online.

Step 2: Download and install the emulator on a PC.

Once you’ve downloaded your preferred emulator, look for the emulator in the download folder. . Once you’ve located it, double-click on it and install the application on the Desktop.

Step 3: Accept the licensing agreement. 

To properly install the app, read the on-screen instructions carefully and accept them.

The simulator application will install successfully if you finish the above task properly.

Step 4: Install SnapBridge on a Computer

Open the emulator app you just installed. Once the app has been opened, search for SnapBridge in the play store and install the SnapBridge app by tapping on its icon. 

Features of Snapbridge for PC

Features of Snapbridge for PC
  • Snapbridge offers the facility to communicate with less power consumption.

Other applications use Wi-Fi to communicate, which consumes more power. However, SnapBridge “uses Bluetooth to communicate”, which consumes relatively less power and is battery-friendly.

However, in the past, the quality of communication was not so good as now, recently the application has improved a lot. Therefore, there will be no problem with using the Snapbridge application.

By turning on the Synchronise Location Data option we can easily add the location to our images.

  • Offers free cloud service.

Snapbridge also allows its users to use a cloud service called NIKON IMAGE SPACE without paying any subscription fees. Apart from this, the users will also get 20GB of storage.

  • Add location to the photo.

Snapbridge also gives the facility to add the GPS location of the iPhone to the images while uploading them. By turning on the Synchronise Location Data option we can easily add the location to our images.

  • Compatible with many devices.

We can freely edit and post our beautiful photos taken with a Nikon camera wirelessly from Android, Phone, tablet, and even PC. Therefore, if we ever spot any mistake in the photo and want to make changes to it, then we can easily do that without transferring photos by traditional methods. Apart from this, we can also control the functions of our camera through Android, Tablet, Phone, and PC.

  • Control your camera functions remotely.

Snapbridge also allows us to capture a photo remotely through any device such as iPhone, tablet, or PC, for this we require to install the app on any of the above devices, therefore, it expands the range of shooting methods.

This function enables us to check the images we’ve taken even while we are in our car, or in any restaurant or garden which saves our time.

How can we connect the Camera with our Device? 

  • Connect. 

Once the application has been installed, opened it, and tap on Connect to the Camera option.

  • Choose the camera.

Choose the camera that you wish to connect with your device and then activate the Wi-Fi of your network.

  • Connect and establish the WiFi connection. 

Activate your camera by going to the settings of your camera and activate your wifi network or Connect your Device with the Camera. 

  • Wi-Fi settings. 

Enter Wi-Fi username and password to the box that appeared in the camera wifi settings. Once entered, Visit your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings and choose the camera Wi-Fi that you wish to connect with your device, and type the password of your wifi.


Now you are ready to use your device to control your camera functions. This application works very smoothly on all devices either it is an iPhone, Android, or tablet. Apart from these devices, the Snapbridge app can also be properly used to operate your camera functions from PC, for this, you need to first install Snapbridge for PC. This application is fantastic. Even if the camera’s Bluetooth is always on or even after taking 500 photos, still the battery life will not get affected much. If you turn on Bluetooth when the power is off, still there will be no interruption in transferring photos. Therefore, if you love to take photos or if you are a professional photographer then you must install this application on your device because it will make it easy for you to click, edit, and transfer photos.

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