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Download Smash Bros For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Smash Bros For PC

Are you waiting to play Smash Bros for PC forever? Then this article will make you happy. The performances of the games are not yet great on PC but it is perfect for a two-player match. There are some glitches so you can’t expect a smooth gaming session but the game is satisfying. These glitches are supposed to be fixed in near future. All the improvement and smoothness of the games on PC depends on the working of the development team. Smash Bros are one of the most loved gaming series in the world. Also, it is the most approachable and fascinating game. And now the makers have made them even better.

In March 2020, Smash Bros were going to receive new DLC characters. Nintendo announced that their next character will be a fighter which will be adopted from ARMS. It also said that the development will take longer than usual as the COVID-19 pandemic has made the people from the game studios work from home. All of the DLC  characters in Smash Bros’s first fighter pass were new as they never appeared in the series before and all had different mechanics. 

Playing Smash Bros on PC requires Switch. Smash Bros influenced various PC competitions. But to be a part of such a competition you need a switch and might not have one. So in such a situation you can pick some of these games. Check out each game individually so that you know if the community is fulfilling your expectations or not. Some of these games stuttered online but are good for local sessions. If you aren’t able to play Smash Bros on PC, here are some ways to get the same feeling. 

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What is Smash Bros? 

Smash Bros For PC

Smash bros are a series of fighting video games but Nintendos. The games are all about taking down the opponents by all types of attacks. The more you will damage your opponent the more far they will fly off the stage.

The series has a lot of games with the same theme but different characters. Every game has something different from the other. Also there are a lot of characters throughout the series.

How to Play Smash Bros For PC? 

Not everyone is a pro in smashing. It takes a lot of time and games to become an excellent smasher. But if you know some of the tricks you might become one. With these tricks below you can easily smash the casual players. 

  1. Find a comfortable control scheme 

Knowing your comfort scheme is the first step towards winning. You must know what’s your comfort key and play accordingly. It might take a while to understand but it’s worth it. 

  1. Learn to use items to your benefit

Not all players play with items enabled. But they are an important part of Smash Bros. There are different types of items, some might give you power and some might kill you. So learning about the items is essential to win.

  1. Remember the options to get back to stage

You can always use the Up+Special Attack move to get back to the stage whenever you are knocked out. The special move is different for different characters but it is the primary way to get back. 

  1. Don’t be predictable once you’re stuck on the ledge 

You must keep a few options in mind to avoid getting thrown again. Every character has three options when they are hanging on the ledge and you must know your characters options. 

  1. Make moves that spike your opponent

Getting back on the stage after a hit is a win so you need to make getting back on stage difficult for your opponent. Spikes is a move that sends your enemy flying straight down. 

  1. Make your shielding perfect

If your shielding is perfect it will increase your survival and make your attacks stronger. If you let go the shield button just before an enemy lands, perfect shielding gets activated. 

  1. Choose your character wisely

Every character has different features and options  so choose the character wisely and according to your fight. 

So these were a few tips and tricks to make you an amazing Smasher. 

How to Download Smash Bros on PC

To download Smash Bros you will first have to install the latest version of Yuzu Emulator. It is an experimental emulator of Nintendo Switch which is written in C++. This emulator is updated regularly and similar to many Nintendo Switch titles. 

If you face any issues in installing the emulator you can take a look at the QuickStart guide of Yuzu Emulator. To play Smash Bros you need to own it legally.And to do so you will have to dump games on your Nintendo Switch. 

Games like Smash Bros

Super Smash Land 

It is a remake of the Rivals of Aether. Super Smash Land recreates the popular series of Rivals of Aether with game Boy specifications. This game has never got the attention it deserves but it pops up on subreddits frequently. It is free and easy to approach. This game is amazing for an all-night gaming session or a stream. 


This is an indie game version of Smash Bros. The game has characters of the indie world. After its launch, it was directly compared with Smash because of which it got a mixed review. Brawlout isn’t as good as Smash Bros but you can take a look if you are an indie character fan.

Dimensions VS

It is developed by the TeePee studios. Because of its tight mechanics, it is already getting traction. The characters, sound and designs are far away from what people are expecting so it is putting people off. The developers promised to keep this game free to play and up-to-date but they are failing to do so. 

Dynasty Feud 

In this game, you just don’t pick a character but also a dynasty. The game has about 40 different characters which are nothing in front of Smash Bros. But it is still enough to have an enjoyable gaming session. Despite being such a great idea, the maker could only sell 300 copies in June 2017. 

Super Smash Flash 

It is a replica of Smash Bros. It is easy to approach, has multiplayer options and many more features like the Smash Bros. They also have non-Smash characters like Chibi-robo, Goku and Naruto. Believe me, you won’t be able to get over this game. 

Lethal League 

This game has baseball in the mix to make it more interesting. Only taking your opponent down with kicks and punches won’t make you win the game. Baseball has a lot to do with the winning in the game. 

Slap City 

It has smooth, floaty mechanics which makes it more like Smash Bros. The game is regularly updated by the developers. If you want a friendly community game you should check this one. 

Rivals of Aether 

Smash Bros is a balance of competition and casual. But Rivals of Aether isn’t competition based as it has zero speed mechanics. It has many elemental animals to fight with, like a frog stabbing a lion. Ori and Shovel Knight are playable characters of the game. 

There are many more games like Smash Bros but these are some of the best. As a gamer if you want to become good at fighting then at first, you should play on such platforms. Try to know more about the mechanics of the game you are playing. It will help you in coordination, reactions and timing. All this is a type of training. And some of these platforms can be played without the internet as well. 


Smash Bros can now be played on PC but it has a lot of glitches and you need a switch to play on PC. Getting a switch is an investment and not everyone can afford it. You can enjoy Smash Bros on PC at your friends’ house if they have a switch. But eventually, you will want your own. If you buy the switch you can play on PC but the glitches will be there which are said to be fixed in the future. But if you don’t get the switch you can play games which are like the Smash Bros. They aren’t the same but the no less as well. 


Is Smash Bros Free? 

Yes, Smash World has been free since 2019. It is approachable through the Nintendo Switch Online App on smartphones and tablets. The game has various features and is much more than just win and loss. The game isn’t just about taking down your opponent with punches and kicks. 

Why is Smash online so bad?

Smash online is bad because of Nintendo’s P2P online connection. The players consoling act as the gaming server is wrong. P2P is superior to a server in 1v1 situations and is much better in 4v4. The higher the server the better is the P2P connection. 

Is Smash online fixed? 

The online experience of the game has been improved. There have been no particular details about what changes were made but the players have been reporting that the connection speed online is better now. And I think the speed will keep getting better as the development team works for it. 

How is Smash online Ultimate?

Smash online Ultimate allows the gamers to get into the training and other modes while they are searching for online matches. Once they find an opponent, they can go to their online match. It is like you can learn while you are searching and this makes the game even better. 

Can two players play on Nintendo switch?

Nintendo supports multiplayer games of all types. Select game for two players and that will provide one controller per player. You can then play online or in the same room that won’t make any difference. 

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