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SmartNews for PC is an application for desktop that provides standard news in various genres, including sports, entertainment, and politics. The SmartNews application has been installed by 25 million people worldwide. It provides us relevant news from several popular news portals.

It allows us to easily browse the news.  In case we don’t have access to the internet or if we are in an area where the internet connection is bad, still, we can access the news offline. There are many features of using a SmartNews app on a computer, therefore let’s take a look at a few of the features of the SmartNews app for pc. 

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Features of SmartNews For PC


The Suggestion of news is extremely accurate

Suggested news can be seen at the top of the page based on each person’s search history.

For example, If you read a lot of news in the “football” category, therefore, most recent news in that genre will be included in the suggested news. The more we use the app to read the news, the more correct the findings will be, so keep this thing in mind.

There is no need to wait for a longer period

Once the application has been opened, you can read the news in smart mode by clicking on the “Read Now” option. Smart Mode is a simple version of standard news that helps us to rapidly load the news.

Reading time is nearly null, and we can read the news even though our internet connection is bad. As a result, although if we are in an area with a bad internet connection, we won’t need to be concerned about it because we can still read the relevant news according to our choice.

Offer coupons

We’ll get an opportunity to receive coupons for reading the news in the SmartNews application. To take advantage of these coupons, simply show the coupons with a single click.

SmartNews also included coupons for many popular restaurants and retail chains, including “Kentucky,” “McDonald’s,” and “Hanmaru Udon.”

Read International News

Smart News application is the best choice for those people who want to read international news because the SmartNews application also publishes international news in their application.

One of the strongest aspects of the SmartNews application is that it helps us to keep up to date with what’s going on around the world.

Weather Forecast

The SmartNews application also provides weather forecast news, so we can quickly get a rain forecast. As a result, we will get enough time to prepare ourselves to shield ourselves from the rain.

Because if weather forecasts are not detected promptly, then we have to experience major damage that is why this is a very useful feature because it allows us to quickly obtain weather forecast information.

Read news in English

Smart News also helps us to read news stories in English. It is regarded as the best feature for those who are wishing to learn English to enhance their language skills since it aids us in the development of English vocabulary. Even though the application was created in Japan, it has gained worldwide popularity in recent years.

Focus on providing free news

Several news applications charge a monthly subscription fee to view the news; but, with the SmartNews application, we don’t need to pay the subscription fees to view the news;  as this app allows us to get all the relevant news for free. It’s a useful feature because we will be able to read all of the relevant news of various genres from all over the world without having to pay the subscription fees.

How to Install the SmartNews App on PC?

SmartNews For PC

Various people invest a significant amount of their time working in front of their computers, they can’t even read newspapers. SmartNews for PC is the ideal choice for keeping them familiar with current events. Because the SmartNews app helps us to keep us up to date on current events by providing relevant news in all genres from all around the world.

  1. To start the process, first of all, we are required to download the BlueStacks application on our PC.
  2. Then, from the play store, download the “SmartNews application” on the computer.
  3. After clicking on download we need to wait for a few minutes to complete the loading process. After a few minutes, the application will be automatically downloaded to our device.
  4. Now run the SmartNews application in the BlueStacks emulator and install it on the PC.


We believe that reading the news on the SmartNews App on PC is a really easy way to pass the time on a computer, such as during a lunch break or when going somewhere through a train or sitting in a waiting room. The news is updated frequently during the early morning, afternoon, and evenings, so we can easily keep up with it.

It not only provides general news, but also articles and videos about health, recipes, and other topics that are ideal for passing the time. The page is divided into sections for each title, which makes it easier to read. That is why everyone should install SmartNews for PC because it will keep us up to date with all types of news and posts and will also help us to pass the time in our free time.

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