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Download Pocketbook For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Pocketbook For PC

Do you love to read books? But don’t have enough time to read books due to some important work, so here is a PocketBook reader application for you. It will allow you to read all kinds of books on your device. Either it is a comic book, magazine, or textbook, you can even listen to the audiobooks of your choice from anywhere. This application can be used on any device whether it is an android, smartphone, or PC, it functions well on all the major devices. Hence You’ll be able to read all your favorite books just by installing a pocketbook for pc, android, or smartphone.

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Features of Pocketbook For PC

 Pocketbook For PC
  • Read books from anywhere. 

Usually to read our favorite book we need to go to the library and look for the book we want to read which consumes a lot of time and effort. However, with a pocketbook reader, we can read our favorite book just by selecting from the collection of the books available in the application. A wide variety of books are available in the application form where we can simply pick up the book as per our choice. 

  • Listen to the audiobooks. 

Not only read but the pocketbook reader also offers us the facility to listen to the books, yes it’s true! The pocketbook also has the audiobook feature, therefore if you love to listen to books rather than read then you must use a pocketbook reader to listen to the books written by your favorite author. 

  • Different genres of books are available in various formats. 

Not all ebook applications offer a different genre of books. However, the pocketbook reader provides us an opportunity to choose the book according to our favorite genre. For example, if someone loves comic books then they can easily select the genre once they choose the genre, they will get the result regarding comic books from which they can select their favorite comic book. Apart from this the application also supports 19 book formats, which include EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML. 

  • User-friendly Interface. 

The application has been built with a user-friendly interface, which means that anyone whether he/she is not familiar with the ebook application can simply use a pocketbook reader. In addition to this, the app also allows us to change the color theme of the interface by choosing the desired theme from seven different color themes. This option makes it easier for us to use the pocketbook reader. 

  • Adjust Font style and Font size. 

Reading a book becomes very difficult if a font style or font size is not up to the mark, many times e-books have been written in such a way that not anyone can read it properly. However, it is not a case with pocketbook reader as it allows us to adjust the font style, font size, line spacing, and margin size as per our need, that makes it easier for us to read a book of our choice. 

  • Easy to download and sync. 

It’s true that with a pocketbook reader we can read our favorite book from anywhere, however, sometimes we are trapped in an area where there is poor internet connectivity in such a case we can’t read the books of our choice. Therefore, Pocketbook reader offers us the feature which allows us to download the ebook to read it later. Also, it allows us to synchronize all our books and accounts just by scanning a QR code.

How to install a Pocketbook reader on PC? 

To install a Pocketbook reader for PC, you need to follow a little bit different method as compared to Android. Let’s take a look. 

Step 1. In the first step, you have to visit the official website of the Bluestacks emulator once you open the website search for the download icon, and when you find it just double click on it to download the emulator on your PC. 

Step 2. In the second step, you need to install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC, just click on the install icon to install it properly. After that wait for a few minutes to complete the process. 

Step 3. In the third step, open the emulator and search for the in-build play store once you find it successfully. Simply open it and find the pocketbook reader application. 

Step 4. Finally after finding the pocketbook reader app simply install it on your PC and enjoy reading your favorite books. 


It is believed that books are human’s best friend, but in today’s busy life, even book lovers do not get time to read books, but with the help of a pocketbook reader, today you can read your favorite books anywhere at any time and in every genre from comic to magazine or textbook all kinds of ebooks are easily available in a single application, It works smoothly on almost every device hence you can use pocketbook for pc, android, and smartphone easily.  Hope you like this article, for more such types of updates kindly stay updated with us. 

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