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Download Mobile Patrol for PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Mobile Patrol for PC

Mobile Patrol is an application that helps us to let us know the news related to local crimes, lost pets, weather conditions, or public safety. Such kind of news helps us to be aware of incidents happening around us and as a result, we will begin to prepare ourselves to protect from such types of incidents. In addition to the Android and Smartphone devices, the app can also be easily installed and works well on windows. However, to install Mobile Patrol for PC we need to follow a slightly different process from Android or Smartphone devices. Today in this article, I will discover the features of using the Mobile patrol app therefore, let’s have a look. 

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Features of Mobile Patrol For PC

Mobile Patrol for PC
  • Gives details regarding weather conditions

The mobile patrol app will give you the exact information about the weather condition in your area so that you can prepare yourself before rain or any other weather conditions. We may face heavy losses if timely rains or other weather conditions are not detected however, in such a situation mobile patrol is the most convenient way to be aware of such conditions before causing any damage. 

  • Provides information about offenders near you

This application also gives details regarding the offenders who are near to you. The app gives the complete details of those people who are in jail currently or who were in jail in the past and were recently released from jail. This will help you to be aware of those offenders whenever they are near to you, also through this app, you can help police to catch those offenders by letting them know their location. 

  • Gives details of missing children

Day by the number of cases related to missing children’s increases, it is a very serious issue that should be taken into the consideration immediately by the government authorities, however, the government and police are working to reduce the number of these cases, also some media houses regularly posting news regarding these missing cases to let people know about it and give information whenever they caught those kids. Similar to those media houses, the mobile patrol app also lets us know about the details regarding missing children. 

  • Get the information regarding the place you wish to visit

Whenever we are planning to travel to a new city then we first want to know about either the place is safe for us to stay or not, however, it is not as easy to get these details as a result, in the absence of these details we have to face a lot of difficulties while going or staying in a new place. However, with mobile patrol app, we can easily get the details about the locations which are safe to travel or stay for us. 

  • Compatible for many devices

In addition to these features, the app can also be easily used on various devices, therefore we can simply get all the important news related to our area on any device from anywhere. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for a newspaper or sit for hours in front of the tv to wait for news related to your area as you can easily get all the news just by opening the application on your Android, Smartphone, or PC. 

  • Add any location

With the Mobile patrol app, we can simply add any location and can get daily updates about the place for where we want to get the information from anywhere and any time. 

  • Can simply get the location details

Just by adding a zip code, you’ll easily reach out your desired location, therefore you don’t need to visit google map or any other similar application or also don’t require to search for hours to get the location details regarding that place, you can get all the details in a single application.

How to install the Mobile Patrol app on a PC? 

Mobile Patrol app on a PC

Although most people use Bluestacks emulator to emulate Android-based applications, however, nowadays a new application is rising popularly online known as Nox player it is very useful and works similarly to Bluestacks. Therefore, today let’s use the Nox player. 

Step 1: Firstly to emulate the Mobile patrol app we need to download NoxPlayer for PC from the official website of the Nox player. 

Step 2: Now to use the app on a PC, we require to install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on a PC.

Step 3: Now visit the NoxPlayer application and then within the emulator open the google play store and look for the Mobile patrol app in the search box and click on the install button. 

Step 4: Once the application has been installed successfully on your device then open the application to use it. 


I hope after reading this article you’ve discovered enough information regarding the Mobile patrol app. Once you’ve downloaded this application on your device you can use all the features available in this app and can be aware of the current issues that happened in your area. Therefore, to use all these amazing features of the mobile patrol app you must download Mobile patrol for Windows, Mac, and Android.

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