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Download Miracast for PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Miracast for PC

Miracast is an application that allows us to wirelessly mirror our favorite content from one device to another device. You’ll never face any difficulty while transferring content from one device to another device, also you don’t require to follow a long procedure to set up this application on your devices. 

Nowadays, this type of technology has become very popular, and many applications similar to Miracast have been available in the market, however, Miracast is the best amongst all of them. Today, in this article I will explain what steps we should take to download Miracast for PC and what are the advantages of using the Miracast application. 

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Advantages of Miracast for PC

Miracast for PC
  • Connect wirelessly. 

It allows us to connect the devices wirelessly which is one of the best advantages of this app because it saves our time.

Usually, to mirror the videos from one device to another device, several applications require us to connect the devices through cable, however, it is not the case in the Miracast application unless your device is non-compatible for the app. 

  • Easy installation process. 

This application is easy to install on any device. Sometimes it has been believed that it is very difficult to set-up Miracast on a device wirelessly, however, it is just an assumption as the application can be very easily downloaded to our device, all we require to do is to display the device name of the television from the wireless connection websites. Once you start using it regularly then you’ll get used to it. 

  • Compatible with Windows 10.

Miracast can also be used on Windows 10 PC, in Windows 10 it functions very well. However, apart from these devices, Miracast is not compatible with iPhone, IPad, and Mac devices. For using it on iPhone, IPad, or Mac you’ll require to use airplay on your device. 

  • Offers high definition quality. 

Miracast app allows everyone to watch their favorite movies with their family or friends in High definition quality, there will be no issue of quality whenever we cast the video from PC or Android to the Tv. This app allows us to watch videos in 1080p HD quality,  Therefore, you can enjoy watching movies or TV series in 1080p HD quality, which is the best advantage of using this app. 

How to install the Miracast application on a PC? 

Miracast for PC

Step 1: Download Bluestacks

In the first step, you’ll need to download the Bluestacks emulator to emulate the Android application from the Play Store. Make sure to download the current version of the Bluestacks. 

Step 2: Open the emulator

Once done, open the emulator on your PC and open the play store from the emulator, now, look for the Miracast application by typing the name of it into the search bar. 

Step 3: Tap on Install

Once the app appears in front of you, just tap on the install button and install the app on your PC, wait till the installation is completed. 

Step 4: Open the app on your device

Once the application is downloaded now you’re ready to cast the videos of your choice on any device. 

Can I Set-up the Miracast application on my TV even if it isn’t compatible with the Miracast app? 

Yes, you can still set-up the Miracast application on a TV even if it doesn’t support the app, however, to use the Miracast app on any non-compatible TV device you need to have an HDMI cable or USB cable with yourself. You can easily buy these cables from the market. First of all, make sure that your TV is compatible with the Miracast application and if not then, you need to follow these simple steps below:

Step 1: To connect with non-compatible Miracast TV + receivers, you need to connect the receiver and TV through the HDMI cable. If your receiver supports a USB port instead of the HDMI cable, then connect both the devices with a USB cable. 

Step 2: Once all the steps have been followed, you need to turn on the Tv, and once the Tv is turned on make sure that the Miracast standby screen has begun to display, which means the receiver and TV have been connected successfully. 

Step 3: Go to the taskbar and click on the Action Center icon. You can also make use of the shortcut method in case you are unable to find the icon by typing Win + A on the keyboard.

Step 4: Look for the “Connect” option within the panelist and tap on it. Make sure that the receiver of the TV  is properly linked and the name of the TV model has been displayed within the connection destination list. Once the device name appears, click on the name.

Step 5: Now write the PIN code that you’ve seen on the TV screen in the PIN entry section of the PC. Once the pin is entered then the computer screen will begin to appear on the TV. That’s it now you’re ready to mirror your favorite videos from your PC to the Tv. 


By reading this article I am sure that you’ll get all the information regarding the application, we’ve tried our best to give more details about the application. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an application that helps you to cast the contents of your device to another device then the Miracast application is the best solution for you and you must download Miracast for PC, as you can use this application on PC hassle-free without facing any technical issues.

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