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Download iSmartViewPro For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]


iSmartViewPro For PC
: If you run an organization or business, security is one of the major building blocks. Managing CCTV cameras is a laborious and hefty job. iSmartViewPro for PC by Cloud IP Camera can skillfully assist you to make your security rigid with its feature-packed services. This is the solution to all your CCTV managing problems.

iSmartViewPro For PC is a P2P camera with which you can catalog all the CCTV and Camera footage from office to office on your PC, store them, track them and view them anytime you wish to. iSmartViewPro gives you larger storage than what your android can afford and hence, installing the application on your PC will give you an edge.

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Features of iSmartViewPro For PC

A featurepacked file manager 

The file manager provides you with features like video recording, screenshots, watching live videos. Provided with a wifi link it enables you to upload any footage online anytime! IT can monitor CCTV,DVD,NVR.  With the help of a camera ID and password, you can connect an IP camera to your application.

Connect Multiple Cameras 

The P2P feature allows you to connect multiple cameras to your device and save the footage from office to office in one place. This saves your time investment and increases data security and management with all the footage available in one place. 

Auto record and Save option 

It gives you the option of auto record and saves which saves each footage in your absence. With this option, you don’t have to worry about security in your absence, and with automatic save you can come back and track the footage and view it anytime! 

Immense Storage Capacity 

Installing the application on your PC gives you extra storage compared to your android. Of course, your PC gives you a galloping storage capacity compared to your android. This enables you a lag-free and better quality experience. 

Motion Detection 

The motion detection feature can sense and notice every minute of motion. It notifies you automatically on your connected android about any motion which aces the game of security. 

Backup and sync 

IT is wifi compatible and comes with camera support and backup which automatically backup your recordings. It saves your data and comes in handy in events of data recovery when misplaced or deleted. 

Voice Intercom 

It comes with a voice intercom function that can help you make announcements, provide information, etc, in your organization. The stand-alone feature of this application is suitable for one way communication which is always needed in a business organization, malls, supermarkets, business chains, etc 

Synchronisation of CCTV 

It comes with the feature of synchronizing CCTV cameras which have built-in wireless capabilities hence, wifi or network is not required for it. This can save a lot of your data and help you work in poor network or no network areas or situations. 

High Quality Video

Who doesn’t want a better quality service? This application gives you exactly the best possible quality of the footage. With the big screen of your PC, it also helps experience high-quality video output with a clear vision and catching minute details.

Remote Management

If you worried about security or the general day-to-day happening in your organization while you are away this application solves that problem too. is both wifi and hotspot compatible giving you remote managing at your home.

iSmartViewPro for PC gives you the privilege to experience all these features free of cost. iSmartViewPro can be installed on your PC with the help of emulators, the best ones for this process can be Bluestack and KO player.

How to Install iSmartViewPro for PC?


You can install the iSmartViewPro on your PC with either of the two ways listed below

EmulatorsBluestack and KO player
Operating SystemsWindows XP, 7,8,10, and Mac

1. Installation With Bluestack Emulator

Bluestacks is one of the most widely used emulators. here are the steps to install the application with the help of Bluestacks:

Step 1: Open the official site of Bluestack and get the executable file, once you locate it download the application on your PC.

Step 2: Once downloaded launch the application on your PC which takes a few seconds to install.

Step 3: Open Bluestacks and set up your Google account and log in.

Step 4: Now search for the iSmartViewPro in the search bar.

Step 5: The application will be displayed, click on the app, it will redirect you to the iSmartViewPro for the PC application on the google play store.

Step 6: Click on the install option and give all the permission that you would be asked before the process of installation starts.

Step 7: The installation process starts as soon as it receives all the permissions.

Step 8: Once installed, you have to run the application on your PC as an administrator.

Click open the app and enjoy managing files more simply!

2. Installation With KO PLAYER Emulator

Step 1: Install the KO player on the PC from the official site.

Step 2: Right-click on the player and click on the run as administrator option. It installs the player on your PC.

Step 3: Open the player and create your account with the help of your google account.

Step 4: Click on the search bar and type ‘iSmartViewPro’.

Step 5: Once the app is displayed click on the app, the player will redirect you to the play store.

Step 6: Click on the install option and give all the required permissions.

Step 7: The installation starts as soon as it receives permission.

Step 8: Once installed, run the app on your PC as an administrator.

Click open the manager and start managing!


iSmartViewPro For PC is the best option that we could find for your CCTV and Camera management problems. It comes fully packed with all the features on your PC required for all your security issues in a simple user-friendly way. It is easy to use and can be installed on your PC within minutes with just the internet and all of it free of cost! What can be better? We here in this article have tried to give you an insight into all the features of this application and a step-by-step guide to install it. We hope you find it and the application useful.

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