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Download Geeni App For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Geeni App For PC

Geeni App For PC: Whenever we are out of our house, the first concern that keeps popping in our minds is the electronic devices kept in our house. You can overcome this concern by using the Geeni app, this application allows us to easily control our Geeni home devices just by using a few simple steps. Geeni app is an all-in-one solution to monitoring our home and all the electronic devices that are kept there remotely. Apart from this, the app can also give us access to monitor our smart home from any device. Therefore, we can also use the Geeni app for pc, android, and smartphone devices.

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Features of Geeni App For PC

Geeni App For PC

Geeni application is considered as one of the best solutions for handling all Geeni electronic home devices because the app has been packed with some of the great features which separate this app from other applications. That’s why today I will explain some of the great features of the Geeni app. Therefore, let’s discover them:

  • Easy to use interface

Do you love traveling or have to visit different cities due to the work then you must use the Geeni app because the process to use this application is very easy, you can simply control your home appliances from your comfort zone by using the ON/OFF option within the app. No matter where you are, you can easily control the activities of your home appliances hassle-free.

  • Can control various home devices

No matter how many Geeni home devices are there in your home, you can control all of them by using the Geeni app.  There might be few more apps that provide a similar kind of service as provided by the Geeni app, however, still it is rarely possible for them to control multiple home devices. Therefore, the Geeni app is considered one of the best apps amongst all of the other apps. 

  • Decide who can use your electronic devices

Do you want to control which device your guests or family members should have to use or are you worried about your kids and wish to prevent your kids to use any electronic devices then you can easily decide who can use your Geeni home devices or whom not by using Geeni app, as this application helps us to control our electronic devices from anywhere? 

  • Choose the color mode of a bulb

This app also lets us decide which color mode we should select for our bulbs, can also dim the light of the white bulb, and can even know how much energy has been used in using all these electronic devices. Hence, by this app, we can also control the usage of electricity and overall can save electricity. 

  • Easy to install

While going to install such type of application on our device, one thing that always keeps popping in our mind is whether the installation process of the app is easy or not, however, to install the Geeni app you don’t need to follow any complicated procedure as the app can be very easily installed on all the devices by following simple steps. 

  • Monitor the activities of the home

In addition to controlling home devices, the app can also monitor the activities of the home, therefore, if you are away from your home then you don’t need to be worried about your family members because you can track every activity of your family members from any device just by installing Geeni security cameras in your home. By installing Geeni security cameras you can easily monitor the activities that happened in your home through your Android, smartphone, or PC. 

  • Give access to your closed ones to control your home devices

With the Geeni app, you can also give access to your family members or friends to control your home devices or monitor your home activities by sharing your Geeni account password or username. It is the best feature in case you’re busy doing some other work or have no time to monitor or control your own home devices. 

How to install the Geeni App on a PC? 

Geeni App For PC

Step 1: Download Bluestacks

To simply use the Geeni app on a PC, we first have to download an emulator, many emulators are available online but I will suggest you install Bluestacks emulator as it functions well on a PC, to download it you need to go to the official website of the Bluestack emulator. 

Step 2: Install Bluestacks emulator

Once you’ve downloaded the application, to use it properly you need to install it, therefore, click on the install icon. 

Step 3: Open the play store

After this wait for a few minutes, once you make sure that the application is successfully installed on your PC, open the emulator and after opening the app place the cursor on the in-build play store within the emulator and open it. 

Step 4: Type the name of the application in a search field

After opening the play store, type the Geeni app into the search box and then open the app window once it has appeared. 

Step 5: Install Geeni application

Finally, place the cursor on the install icon and install it on your PC, and start controlling your home devices and monitor your home activities. 


I hope this article clear all your doubts regarding the app, and if you are also searching for an application that can help you in both monitorings the home activities and controlling your Geeni home devices then you must install the Geeni app for pc, android, and smartphone because the app works well on almost all these devices. If you want to get more updates like this, then keep reading our articles. 

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