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Download Anonytun For PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Anonytun For PC

Anonytune is a VPN service that helps us access restricted sites on our device to easily visit any website content and watch any restricted video from anywhere. However, many other VPN services offer a similar service but in most of those VPN apps we have to see ads to use their service, however, in Anonytun, we can easily remove the ads by paying a small amount after that users can easily use their services without having to see any ad. In addition to this, we can also use Anonytun for pc.

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Features of Anonytun For PC

Anonytun For PC

While many VPN apps provide good VPN service, Anonytun stands out among all of them because it is packed with features that you won’t find easily in any other VPN apps. That is why today in this article I will discover some amazing features available in the Anonytun application, so let’s have a look.

  • Free to use

Usually, for using any VPN service we have to pay subscription fees to use their service. But, with Anonytun, we can simply access the restricted sites without paying any subscription fees as the app is free to use by anyone. Therefore, if someone is searching for a free VPN service then they should install this app on their device.

  • Various servers are available

In the Anonytun app, unlimited servers are available which makes it easy for users to browse the internet free from anywhere and bypass restricted sites. The app has been added to several countries’ servers so that if one server is not working due to some reason then we can simply switch to another country’s server.

  • Bypass VPN block

Although using a VPN service is indeed a good choice to bypass the restricted websites in our country, few countries can also block VPN service, therefore, to bypass VPN blocks Anonytun has built a system that can easily bypass ISP Firewall. So, in case you’re planning to travel in a destination that restricts VPN then you must Install the Anonytun app on your devices to use the internet freely.

  • No need to root your device

With the Anonytun app to use VPN, there is no need to root a device as Anonytun offers their VPN service without having to root your device. Therefore, to access any restricted website you just need to open your Anonytun application and connect with a VPN.

  • Free from ads

Do you feel annoyed to see ads, Now, you don’t need to worry about it as with an Anonytun app you don’t require to view an advertisement to connect to their VPN service, as they have an option to remove ads, however, to remove it you need to pay a fee, you can easily pay it through your debit or credit card just by entering a number of your debit or credit card.

  • Surf the internet anonymously

Anonytun app is safe to use as it will not record your browsing activities whenever you surf the internet through Anonytun. Anonytun will let you use the internet anonymously, therefore, you can easily surf anything on the web without needing to worry about getting tracked by the application.

  • It has been offering a fast internet speed

Several times, it has been observed that the VPN’s speed is slow, as a result, we need to deal with slow internet speeds. But, Anonytun provides a high-speed browsing option, allowing us to access the internet without needing to deal with slow internet speeds.

How do we install the Anonytun VPN on our PC?

Anonytun for PC

Step 1: Download Nox player

Since the app has been specially developed for Android devices, therefore to emulate this application for PC, we first require you to download an emulator on our PC. I’ll suggest you download the Nox player emulator from its official website to use an app on a PC.

Step 2: Install Nox player

After downloading an app, install it on your PC by tapping on the Install icon.

Step 3: Open Play store

Once installed successfully now, open Nox player and visit the play store within an emulator.

Step 4: Find Anonytun

After opening the play store, go to the search field and type Anonytun in it, you’ll find the application, open the page, and click on the install icon within the page.

Step 5: Install Anonytun

Once the Anonytun app is installed on your PC successfully, you can then enjoy visiting all the restricted websites on your PC hassle-free.


Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their data privacy and want to hide their activities on the web, but it is not possible unless you have got a good VPN service, however, it is not an easy task to find a good VPN service, that is why I have written this article. I hope after reading this article you have been discovering a lot of information about the Anonytun app, it is an amazing VPN app to browse restricted websites from different country’s servers, apart from this the app is also compatible with many devices such as Android, Smartphone and we can also get Anonytun for PC.

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