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Download Alfred Security for PC [Windows, Mac, & Linux]

Alfred Security For PC

Alfred Security for PC: If you are far away from your home and want to monitor your home while away, want to know the status of your pet, or want to know the activities of your family, then you can use the Alfred security application. This is the best way to convert your smartphone into a surveillance camera. It will help to keep you updated with the daily activities that occurred in your home. 

Alfred security application “is a fantastic security application that can be used on both iOS and Android. Apart from Android and iOS, the Alfred security app also functions smoothly on pc. That is why most people consider downloading Alfred security for PC. 

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Features of Alfred Security for PC:

Features of Alfred Security for PC:

Although several apps are available online that allow us to monitor the activities that happened in our home on a smartphone, however, the Alfred security application is the best amongst all of them. There are many reasons why I recommend using this application. Let’s have a look. 

  • Easy installation process:

This application can be installed on your device very easily and using this app is also not a difficult task. So if you are using this app for the first time, then you can use it without any hesitation. Just install this application on your device and set up the application with a few simple steps and that’s it now you are ready to use it. 

  • Free from ads:

This application is completely free from advertisements. There are several security applications that require you to watch ads to use their service and we have to watch the ads even if we don’t like them. However, with Alfred security application we can use the app without watching ads. 

  • Compatible with all devices:

Alfred security application is compatible with both Android, iOS, and PC, now we can easily monitor the events that occurred in our home on any of these devices without facing any technical issue. That is why this application is more convenient to use as compared to other security applications. Although the application is created especially for Android and iOS users, however, the application is smoothly functions on PC as well. 

  • Offers night mode facility:

Various security applications are available online but there are very few apps that deliver good quality videos even when it is dark, Alfred security app is one of them. With the Alfred security app, we can monitor our home activities even at night. 

  • Application runs in the background

This app will run in the background whenever we use other applications. Therefore we can freely use other applications without any hesitation as we do not require to manually operate this application to use it, it will be automatic functions in the background. When the app is running, a message like “Slide to Unlock” will be shown, that is why there is no risk of misuse. 

  • Two-way communication:

Alfred security also allows us to interact with our family members along with monitoring their activities. It is one of the best features offered by the app as it will help us to warn our family members before any serious incident happens in our home. 

  • Can easily change from rear to front angle. 

Alfred’s security app allows us to change the video angles from rear to front. It is the best facility given by the Alfred security app as we can change the angle manually which is the best feature. 

How do we install the Alfred security application on a PC? 

 install  Alfred security application on a PC

You can install the Alfred security application by installing 

BlueStacks on your PC. Bluestacks is considered as one of the best applications to emulate android based applications on the PC.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

First of all download the BlueStacks Emulator on PC from the official website of BlueStacks. 

Step 2: Install emulator

Once done, install the emulator on the PC and open the emulator. 

Step 3: Select install Apk

Go to the top-left corner of the app and click on the menu and select Install Apk. 

Step 4: Select the Alfred security from the list and install

After choosing the Install Apk option, a list appeared ahead of you, choose Alfred security app from the list. 

How to Set Up an Alfred Security Application?

Follow these simple steps for setting up the Alfred security application on any device.

1. Once the installation process has been completed, then you need to tap on the arrow at the bottom right side of the application.

2. Now, tap on “Start” whenever we have seen the Start screen.

3. Now we require to sign in with our google ID.

4. Choose the google ID that you wish to login with.

5. Now, we need to choose the camera through which we want to monitor the activities.

6. Once selected, tap on the Next. We can change the camera or angles anytime according to our choice.

7. Now tap on Allow. That’s it, now you can start monitoring the activities of your home/office.


This is the perfect app for monitoring our home, so I hope once you use it by yourself you will love this Alfred security application and would think in your mind that this is an app that you are looking for a long

time. One of the best features of this application is that it also operates smoothly on the PC, therefore, if you are planning to use a PC for monitoring your home activities then you can use it however, you need to follow a few easy steps to get Alfred security download for PC. Therefore, if you are also searching for a good security camera then stop searching for it and install an Alfred security camera in your home.

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