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My name is Bobby and I am the founder of this blog you’re reading. I have been following the internet regarding some of the most popular applications and found there is no guide regarding how you can get the best applications for your desktop.

This frustrated me quite a bit which is why I decided to create a website of my own and write about those applications and how you can get them for your PC. Here on this website downloadappsforpc.com, you will find all the guides related to PC apps and how you can get them for free. Yes!! Absolutely free.

Some of the articles might not be accurate which is why I urge the readers to notify me. I cover a lot of articles so it might not be possible for me to check all of them for accurate content. I am always available and check all the comments frequently so you should comment to notify me.

There is an additional option by mailing me on [email protected] which will notify me about any changes required in the application. Regardless, I’ll try my best to put out the best content on my website.